Welcome to…

Crooked Creek

Our lodge.

Our cabins.


A typical June morning on the Kasilof River.


Sneakin’ up on ’em.


A quiet morning on the Kasilof River.


Got ‘im hooked…


…but he’s not givin’ up without a fight.


Finally tired him out…


Yes, we fly fish.


Wait for it…


…fish on…


…and there he is.


Right in the kisser.


Crooked Creek is…

…right in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula…

So, we’re going to let you in on a secret. A secret we’ve known forever.

The reason we know this secret is because we are right in the heart of it. And the secret is this, that… the Kenai Peninsula is where Mother Nature vacations.


The Kenai Peninsula is a 16,000 square mile outdoor playground.

While only one small section of Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula is larger than the state of Rhode Island… and we here at Crooked Creek are right in the heart of it all.

Take our word for it. We see her everywhere we look. On the glacier capped Harding Ice Fields and sea life teeming waters of the Kenai Fjords in the east, we see her. In the halibut filled waters of the Cook Inlet on the west…we see her. Atop the Dall Sheep covered mountains in the north and the moose and caribou roaming hills in the south, we see her. Then, there’s her eagles that soar the skies of the Kenai. Did you know she keeps more fish here than any other place on Earth. Why? We know why… because where we are… is Mother Nature’s summer home.  She’s here

come let us show you.

Square Mile Playground

Satisfied Customers

Perfect Vacation

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